Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Narrative Theme Based Lesson!

Today I presented the class with my theme-based lesson on narratives in art. Before the class began I had the supplies, powerpoint, extra cameras, handouts and whiteboard ready to go. I decided to begin the class with a littler refresher on Cindy Sherman and her photographs and some vocabulary. The vocabulary allowed the students to use and apply those words throughout the entire lesson. They also applied them to the photographs by Cindy Sherman and Gregory Crewdson in the introduction powerpoint. I definitely should have used scaffolding a little better by allowing them to take in details then asking questions about their judgments. I also think I could have took a little more time during the discussion on the contemporary photography.
            The handouts overall were effective. I was really happy with how the Cindy Sherman handout turned out. There was a great variety regarding genres in the student’s sketches. Students had sketched scenes based on the Cindy Sherman photograph that could be categorized under science fiction, drama, and comedy. I did touch upon camera angles that came up in the teacher examples and the contemporary photography examples, but I think that next time if I had at least one example of each hanging up throughout class that would be even more helpful. Also, when I introduced the teacher examples I should have asked questions regarding their camera angles and genres, instead of explaining myself.
            Before allowing the students to begin the art making process I gave a quick demo on how one of the teacher examples were done, and showed the evaluation criteria. I think next time another demo could have been done on how to make certain props they might need. I think I did a good job asking if students had questions, and going around to each group at least once to discuss their ideas and push them further. There should have been designated time set aside to solely sketch their self-portrait, and then photograph their idea. I also should have stated certain rules regarding leaving the classroom/moving around the classroom. I could tell that during the art making process they were having fun making props and deciding upon a camera angle and genre.
            I think the reflection questions were effective. They were based off of the learning objectives. I did plan a printout of them to hand to the class, but in the end I e-mailed the class the questions. It reinforced what they had learned about narratives, camera angles, and genres. It had the students share their results and experience working as the director of their photo shoot and a photographer for their partner’s photo shoot. I also appreciated the feedback. Every teacher needs that outside opinion or else they can get stuck in their own head. I feel that the class thought of a lot of great directions that this lesson can go. I can confidently say I had fun teaching the class this theme-based lesson, and really enjoyed the results of the project.

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