Friday, December 7, 2012

Reflection on Today's Class: Collaboration

Today the following question was brought up: How do you teach collaboration effectively?

This made me reflect upon my experiences working in groups/collaborating.. because you can't expect people to learn how to work positively in groups simply by putting them in groups. Plenty of people who have engaged in group work possibly still do not know how to work well in groups. Learning requires instructions, guidelines, and feedback. Every member should have a chance to "share the stage" and provide for the group. It should be the job of the teacher to explain the project, possibly even do a demonstration of collaboration, break down tasks for each member of the group, and let the collaboration begin from there. A teacher cannot simply expect for collaboration to be effectively learned if thrust upon students without guidelines. At the end of the project, students should reflect upon why the task at hand was necessary to preform as a group and why their job was necessary to meet that specific group goal.

just some thoughts!

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