Sunday, November 11, 2012


This activity made me think of Piaget's theory of cognitive development.

In the theory of cognitive development, Piaget proposes that intelligence is the founding mechanism of promoting equilibrium in the relationship between the environment and the person. This is attained through actions of the developing individual on the world. In development at any specific time, the surrounding is assimilated in the action schemes which are readily available and then they are accommodated or assimilated to the habits of the environment’s objects in the cases where they are not fully relevant. Therefore, the development of intelligence is process of accommodations and assimilations that is continuous and it results in the expansion of the application field of schemes, increasing abstraction, interiorization and coordination. 
It is clear from Piaget’s theory of cognitive development that play is very crucial and particularly in the preoperational stage of development. Play is very important in cognitive development, it enables children to choose the information that is useful, and it facilitates the development of cognitive abilities and has even proved to improve intelligence. Activities and games also facilitate the enhancement of abstract behavioral codes.

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