Monday, November 12, 2012

Bloom's Taxonomy

I found an interesting reading about the range of question types from Davis (1993) I think they all can be related back to Bloom's Taxonomy of learning objectives because they show increasing levels of cognitive complexity as students move from simple to more complex tasks.

They are:

  • Exploratory questions:
     probe facts and basic knowledge
  • Challenge questions:
     interrogate assumptions, conclusions or interpretations
  • Relational questions:
     ask for comparisons of themes, ideas, or issues
  • Diagnostic questions:
     probe motives or causes
  • Action questions:
     call for a conclusion or action
  • Cause-and-effect questions:
     ask for causal relationships between ideas, actions, or events
  • Extension questions:
     expand the discussion
  • Hypothetical questions:
     pose a change in the facts or issues
  • Priority questions:
     seek to identify the most important issue(s)
  • Summary questions:
     elicit synthesis

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