Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Studio Exploration Overview

A) describe the place you are dealing with
- Library
B) the questions you are asking/exploring about the space/place
- Why are they necessary?
- How do people interact in them?
- What are the many reasons people use them?
- What is their order?
- What is inside or can you find?
C) how you plan to investigate the space/place
- I plan on looking around taking notes on how different people interact and use the space inside. Taking my time to see how it works.
D) artists whose work you are using for inspiration
- not sure at the moment.
E) ideas for artmaking that you may have at this point
- making some sort of poster that emphasizes my findings in this space


  1. The questions that you are asking about the library are very interesting and seem like great starts in thinking about your project. I think what is most intriguing is the actions of people using the library.

    I think that how you are going to develop these questions into concepts is something that needs further elaboration. Although I'm sure after you go to the library and take notes you will be able to develop a statement about those interactions.

    My only suggestion would be to develop something besides a poster, maybe something a bit more conceptual. But then again, if this is more about observation for you and you want to simply portray your findings, then a poster would be a great way to do that.

  2. 1) Praise. What are they doing a good job with? What is interesting, challenging, intriguing, well thought out, etc?

    I think you you are doing a good job with use really investigating how a library functions and how people interact. I think what is intriguing is your interested in human nature.

    2) Question. What doesn't make sense? What seems to be missing in the explanation? Are there things they might not have considered?
    I think that everything makes sense, but I think you need to further investigate this topic and I think it is way too general. I think you need to make it more specific- what is it about human interaction that interests you? I think you need more of a goal when you do your research. Also, maybe in terms of making it specific- you can add some personal qualities to it!

    3) Polish. What suggestions do you have to help the person deepen, strengthen, or clarify the idea? What artists do you think it might be helpful for them to look at?
    My suggestion is to further interact with you idea and engage in some research making your topic more concise. Also, I am interested in understanding how you will be working with a poster for your artwork- maybe some sort of map within the poster could be helpful to explain place.