Friday, September 16, 2011

Early Learners

It is clear from the videos that children of different ages have a different qualities when it comes to art. In the first video it is clear that the 5 year old is very verbal about their artwork and creating representational art. While the 2 1/2 year old is very concentrated on making strokes, and is not as verbal.
The second video shows children building dough towers. There is a little girl who make a dough tower and the teacher is trying to make hers as tall as the students. The teacher does this and then the student doesn't agree it is as tall as hers. They also share clay. Te student creates a representational sculpture and calls it an apple. Then student and teacher roll out the dough in a long skinny coil and the student recognizes that it is longer.
The next video is about large group time or circle time. When all the students come together to participate in activities. It gives students a sense of community and encourage them to come into leadership roles. This is an important part to any classroom to allow the class to bond and share experiences.
The following video is about small-group time. This is when a group of 5-10 students meet with an adult to experience in a different environment. This is when the students can learn individually. It is important to have a balance of large group and small group time within a classroom.
The last video was a teacher and her student making clay snakes. The child says after making snakes (green clay coils) they should cook then eat them. While another student pretends to cook, a waffle. The use the fake classroom oven to cook. Different students bring out additions to their cooked snakes such as pepper and ketchup.

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